With 350+ cryptocurrencies on Poloniex, here are 3 features to bring to the show.

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When you first put your finger on the cryptocurrency, many crypto veterans recommend choosing the right crypto exchange platform.

There are many factors to consider, such as the number of secret currencies that can be traded, transaction fees, how secure it is and how user-friendly the platform is.

The age of the crypto exchange platform also plays an important role, as older platforms are more reliable compared to platforms that were recently launched.

One example is the crypto exchange Poloniex. Here are 3 characteristics that can benefit the crypto business community.

1. Supported currencies are constantly growing

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A platform that supports multiple trading options gives users greater freedom of investment as they can quickly convert to other incoming and outgoing currencies.

Having a mix of different currencies in your portfolio is not a bad thing at all, because these currencies are built with different functions in mind.

For example, Bitcoin (BTC) is primarily used to transfer money, while Ethereum blockchain uses Ether (ETH) to pay for gas payments, which is used to pay for any transactions on the blockchain. These include creating NFT, creating smart contracts, and more.

Another example is the MATIC Token, which is used to access web 3 applications built on the Polygon network, at a much lower cost and faster than conventional decentralized dApps.

So, if you own BTC but want to withdraw NFT or use the Polygon network, you can convert your BTC to ETH or MATIC to use those services.

2. Low transaction fees in the pricing stages

Another thing to keep in mind is the transaction fees from each transaction on the crypto exchange platform.

In 2021, the average transaction fee on 30+ crypto exchanges was around 0.18% of the total transaction, which can be reduced if you have a much higher transaction volume.

However, even with the most expensive level, Polonix will charge 0.155% of the total transaction, and the fee can reduce the TRON ecological signal by using a higher price transaction or TRX.

With low transaction fees, you can make recurring transactions without incurring high costs.

3. Option to leave KYC requirements for new users

Some cryptocurrencies use the KYC policy, which usually requires users to verify it through the National Registration Card (NRIC).

Some platforms, such as Poloniex, are now offering Level 1 non-KYC accounts that do not require any identification other than a registered email address and password.

Instead of waiting for their identity to be verified, consumers can start their investment journey right away.

The account allows you to access certain services, such as spot trading, stamping, futures trading, and Bitcoin card purchases.

Note that these Level 1 accounts also have limited functionality, for example if you allow users to withdraw only up to $ 10,000 per day or if you enable up to $ 50,000 per day 2FA.

You must complete all KYC checks to upgrade your account to Level 2. Your account’s previous restrictions will be lifted and the maximum amount allowed per day will increase to $ 1 million per day.

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Using eight years of experience so far, Polonix plans to further improve the crypto exchange platform. These improvements include a new trading system to improve transaction speed, pricing, improved API latency, and security for a better investment experience.

They have also launched a Polynesian Global tour aimed at sharing more news and trends in the blockchain industry.

They want to launch more campaigns to reward existing and new users in the future.

Poloniex is available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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