What will the price of Crypto.com respond after the LUNA, MIR and ANC trading stops?

  • Crypto.com has dropped 57% in the last two weeks and is currently experiencing a recovery.
  • If the bulls recover above $ 0.202 over the recent defensive hurdle, it looks like a 20% increase to $ 0.249.
  • A daily candlelight vigil below $ 0.139 will reduce the risk of damage and cause further damage.

The price of Crypto.com is in the throes of a major correction for more than five months. This correction was accelerated after the May 4 FOMC meeting and took off on May 5. Since then, the CRO has broken several significant support levels and the main driver of the market is the UST-LUNA fiasco.

USP Deppex has lost its stable currency, which has led to a bank run. As a result, investors bought the USU at LUNA and rushed to sell it, causing a sharp fall in LUNA prices.

Together, these events caused many altcoins to collapse. At this point, the Crypto.com platform Announced It will soon stop trading for LUNA, MIR and ANC. The blog is more detailed,

LUNA is no longer available for new income deposits or new loans. The current LUNA income will remain untouched.

Crypto.com has seen a price recovery rally.

The price of Crypto.com was corrected in November 2021 from the 82% bear market type from $ 0.975. This rapid descent, as mentioned above, turned into a flash after the first weekend in May.

The best correction is the result of a weekend market structure followed by Dipg in the UST and LUNA relationship. This growth has led to Bitcoin and the entire crypto environment has suffered a major setback.

As a result, the price of Crypto.com fell by $ 0.376, $ 0.249 and $ 0.202 support levels by two weeks or less. However, considering the recovery queue in altcoins, the CRO is also preparing for one.

If the CRO can break the $ 0.202 hurdle to its feet, the relief effort could be successful. Such a development would allow Crypto.com to increase its price by 20% and set a quick stumbling block at $ 0.249.

Due to the weak nature of the markets, this level of coverage is intended for the CRO.

CRO / USDT 3-day chart

While things are looking for a price for Crypto.com, the optimism depends on the bulls’ recovery over the $ 0.202 hurdle. Failure to do so could have serious consequences.

A daily candlestick below $ 0.139 loses its sparkle and causes further damage to Crypto.com. You can see this increase when the CRO drops to $ 0.093 support level.


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