The launch of St. Pete Fintech has introduced a new crypto trading platform

The St. Petersburg-based financial technology startup is raising awareness of the need for automated Crypto Trading Botting (FOMO) and the ability to generate revenue for users.

Chris and Justin Chang introduced their local start to the Community Business Leaders’ panel on Wednesday at the Thrive DTSP 1 Million Cup. According to the website, Turbo Fintech’s mission is to grow one’s business, and its first product, TACBOTZ, will launch in the third quarter of this year.

Justin Chang stated that trillions of dollars are exchanged daily in the financial markets, and that one can create “little wealth” with the right tools and knowledge. More than 100 million New Day merchants, many using mobile applications In 2021, they decided to try their hand at the stock market. The rise in the price of Memory Stocks, as well as video game retailers (GME) and the AMC movie theater chain, has sparked a lot of frustration.

“Even though that sounds good, and as good as it sounds, at the end of the day, the statistics don’t lie,” said Justin.

He noted that 90% of those newcomers did not make a profit in the first year and that the loss forced millions to abandon their dream of becoming rich.

For those who do not have time to accurately study the markets and conduct in-depth analysis, Turbo Fintech created TACBOTZ. Justin said users should simply turn on the boot, enter which signal they want to trade, and enable artificial intelligence in the background. The platform trades in and out of place using Turbo Fintech signals and algorithms.

After raising $ 250,000 in the first round, Changs is seeking an additional $ 500,000 for additional manpower and marketing. Justin believes the company will earn $ 17 million in membership packages made in the first five years.

Chris said Wednesday that the Brotherhood has been running continuously for the past three days and its co-founders are measuring average wins or positive transactions.

“Right now, we are at 65% winning level,” he said. But our average profitability, when we look at all these things together, is about 75% profitability.

Justin Bot explains that technical analysis is more than just basic analysis. Basic Analysis examines the company and its operations, but the technical side focuses more on the basic statistics around a single coin. Although Bot is focused on short-term trading, he said it plans to include more basic analysis as it grows and adds more long-term investment options.

TACBOTZ currently only trades in cryptocurrency. Chris The barriers to digital currency entry are very low, as the stock market can get many days of trading and margin rules. He added that Crypto allows fast liquid revenue, and most decentralized transactions do not charge users.

“I think at least the resistance will be crypto first, followed by Forex (foreign exchange market),” Chris said. Because there are already many bots in the Forex space.

According to Chris, developers have developed risk management features in bot’s programming code, and users can set limits to reduce losses by percentage or dollars. Justin explains that when you use the word bot, it replaces the robot’s desire to enter information and scan charts.

According to Chris, algorithms now control 89% of business, using most technology from hedge funds and Wall Street brokers. TACBOTZ says it is competing for that piece of cake, and hopes to increase the chances of success for the average retail investor.

“Day traders and retailers have a very bad problem,” Chris said. “They are numerous, and they have no wealth.

Turbo Fintech offers its trademarks here on its website.

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