The crypto exchange received a favorable judgment regarding a claim against suspected trading losses JD supra

This past month, the California District Court issued a request to compel arbitration of various claims of customers of the cryptocurrency exchange platform, Coinbase Global, Inc. Delegation of Authority Clause Transferring Claims to Arbitrate to Arbitrator. (Donovan v. Coinbase Global, Inc., No. 22-02826 (ND Cal. Jan. 6, 2023). As with some electronic contract disputes, it … Read more

Best Change: A 15-Year Legacy of Making Cryptocurrency Trading Easy and Safe – Cryptomode

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 21, 2022 (NAME) – BestChange, a leading name in the cryptocurrency exchange industry, is celebrating its 15th anniversary, marking a milestone in its journey. Over the years, the company has committed itself to providing its users with safe, secure and reliable exchange services. The platform connects traders to more than … Read more

Fortaleza Digital Limited Launches Crypto Trading Pairs in Native Currencies in Latin America

Fortaleza Digital Limited, a global fintech that enables individuals, corporations and institutions to access crypto markets in a safe and secure environment, has announced the launch of crypto trading pairs in Latin American native currencies. These indigenous currencies, such as the Mexican peso or Brazilian real, allow users in Latin America to easily buy and … Read more

Polygon NFT Trading Explodes – This Is How MATIC Rides Billions

In the year Despite the crypto winter of 2022, NFT trading on Polygon has touched new highs in the market. Polygon is becoming the go-to platform for businesses to launch NFT and enter the Web3 world. Ethereum’s layer-2 scalability platform Polygon continues to be in the news for its ecosystem and footprint in the crypto … Read more

Trading opportunities: Forex, commodities, indices and crypto [Video]

In this Trading Opportunities webinar, Nerav Yadav (author of “Think with the Markets”) discusses Forex, Commodities, Indices Charts. All discussions are based on advanced Elliott Wave, with detailed wave counts as well as standard supply and demand analysis. 13 trades were discussed in the webinar over the past three weeks, including the movements in SPX, … Read more

Cryptorobotics emerges as a crypto trading terminal.

NEW YORK, NY–( The News File Corp. – Dec 31, 2022 ) – Cryptorobotics is a trading platform that provides trading tools for crypto trading. CryptoRobotics has established itself as a crypto trading terminal which offers various trading tools for crypto trading. These tools are designed to minimize risks and enable you to trade effectively. … Read more

Binance trading volume has dropped to its lowest level since October 2020

Daily crypto trading volume on Binance fell to $9.39 on December 23, the lowest since October 2020, according to data from Nomix. Compared to November 8, the daily trading volume on Binance exceeded $172 billion, the latest data suggests a drop of more than 94.5% in the last 24 hours. With the upcoming holiday season … Read more

Trade and take your business to the next level with Coinigy, the multi-exchange trading platform

Date/Time, Ticket Symbol, Shares, Buy/Sell, Entry Price, Target Price, Stop Price, Setup/Trade Plan, Exit Date, Exit Price, Exit Notes, Profit/Loss. You often have to track all that information across multiple platforms, dive into different interfaces, and remember different scales. Tired. But now you have the solution. with KoenigyYou can trade, manage and track cryptocurrencies all … Read more

Can you make money with altcoin trading? – Cryptomode

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve heard of altcoin trading. Maybe a friend told you about it, or maybe a colleague mentioned it in passing. Whether you are a novice investor or a seasoned professional, I’m sure the same question is on your mind: does altcoin trading make money? What is altcoin trading? Altcoin … Read more