Polygon NFT Trading Explodes – This Is How MATIC Rides Billions

In the year Despite the crypto winter of 2022, NFT trading on Polygon has touched new highs in the market. Polygon is becoming the go-to platform for businesses to launch NFT and enter the Web3 world. Ethereum’s layer-2 scalability platform Polygon continues to be in the news for its ecosystem and footprint in the crypto … Read more

Crypto News Summary: MasterCard Launches Bringing Dukan Crypto, Meta NFT Minting and Trading to Instagram

Source: AdobeStock / hodim Get daily, bite-sized cryptoasset and blockchain-related news – exploring the stories flying under today’s crypto news radar.__________ Payment news MasterCard StartPys has launched Crypto – a global engagement program that helps blockchain, crypto and digital asset startups scale. According to the announcement, seven startups are joining the startup track: Digital Treasure … Read more

Crypto Exchange Investors Launch NFT Trading Platform Adune

New York, New York / ACCESSWIRE / October 24, 2022 / Adune, a one-stop platform for NFT trading, will launch on October 24. According to the information released by Adune, the platform was founded by the main members of famous crypto exchanges and financial institutions, and the main group includes the early members of MEXC, … Read more

NFT sales have lost almost all of their interest.

Several attempts have been made to sell NFTs from professional auction settings such as the Bass Art Museum in Miami, Florida. Photo: Aaron Davidson (Getty Images) Crypto-focused people have a hard time getting money from a mass, blasphemous source. Bored monkeys and bleary-eyed, featureless 8-bit faces CryptopunksAccording to crypto analysis data. Bloomberg It was reported … Read more

Solana NFT trading volume is the highest since May.

Move beyond Ethereum—Solana NFTs are having a moment. Trading volume at Solana-based NFT marketplaces such as Magic Eden and Metaplex reached $115 million on Sept. 6—the highest since May, according to data from The Block Research. New NFTs created on the Solana blockchain jumped to 300,000 on September 7th, a significant increase from the 39,000 … Read more

Crypto Trading Platform Launches $ 20 Million NFT Fund as eToro Industry Reaches Inflation Point

Bored NFT Physical Art for Bordeaux in Hong Kong Encryption Paul Yang | Bloomberg | Getty Images Commercial Forum Etoro has unveiled a $ 20 million fund to buy NFTs and encourage entrepreneurs. The company announced the launch of the state-of-the-art art museum at The Bass on Thursday. The Marketing Platform Fund is part of … Read more