NFT sales have lost almost all of their interest.

Several attempts have been made to sell NFTs from professional auction settings such as the Bass Art Museum in Miami, Florida. Photo: Aaron Davidson (Getty Images) Crypto-focused people have a hard time getting money from a mass, blasphemous source. Bored monkeys and bleary-eyed, featureless 8-bit faces CryptopunksAccording to crypto analysis data. Bloomberg It was reported … Read more

Crypto’s richest man has lost nearly $ 60 billion in a serious cryptocurrency crash in recent weeks

Brian Armstrong, Coinbase Global Inc. The CEO, speaking on Thursday, April 7, 2022, at the company’s event in Bengalru, India. © 2022 Bloomberg Finance LP Opportunities rise and fall in the dynamic cryptocurrency world, but over the last few weeks, they have only moved in one direction – down. The total price of all the … Read more

Over six trillion cryptocurrencies were lost in six months

More than $ 1 trillion worth of digital currency has been lost since November, with traders halving the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to avoid risky investments. Wild swings are very common with crypto currencies, but even experienced investors were shaken. Investors are seeing the volatility in the financial market as interest rates rise … Read more

Crypto trader lost $ 6,50,000 in 2 seconds, explaining how it happened.

The hackers stole data from Dominic Lakovo’s iCloud backup. (Representative) Crypto says he lost $ 6,50,000 (4.97 Rebels) after hackers hijacked his iCloud account. And it took two seconds. Trader Dominic Lakovo has revealed the fraud on Twitter. It all started with a phone call he thought was from Apple. Lakovo ignored him because he … Read more

‘My boyfriend Crypto lost $ 14,000 in trading, and he won’t stop’

Cut financial advice columnist Charlotte Cows answers personal questions about personal finance readers. Email your financial problems to [email protected] Photo-Illustration: Cut by; Photos: Getty Images When the epidemic broke out, I came to the United States from abroad to live with my three-year-old boyfriend. I love him every minute; He is intelligent, easy to get … Read more