Silver Cryet Capital continues to grow well, despite Crypto’s weak market | Motley Ful

As crypto trading volumes declined sharply in the first quarter of the year, investors were forecasting a forecast for the first quarter. The bank Silvergate Capital (SI 19.11%) Much of the core business model was related to the crypto spot trading volume of the platform. However, while volumes in the first three months of the … Read more

Crypto Trading to grow by 2022 as DFMI grows and drives faster

Future digital block background. Abstract Communication Technology and Digital Network. Getty Crypto exchanges have a record trading volume of 2021 on the board. Centralized CEXs accounted for $ 14 trillion in trade for the year and jumped $ 689 percent over 2020.8 trillion. Decentralized Devices (DEXs) had a better year with an 858% trading volume. … Read more