Best Change: A 15-Year Legacy of Making Cryptocurrency Trading Easy and Safe – Cryptomode

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 21, 2022 (NAME) – BestChange, a leading name in the cryptocurrency exchange industry, is celebrating its 15th anniversary, marking a milestone in its journey. Over the years, the company has committed itself to providing its users with safe, secure and reliable exchange services. The platform connects traders to more than … Read more

An Ohio man has been accused of running a $10 million cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme

A New Albany, Ohio man was arrested Friday on charges of wire fraud. Rathnakishore Giri has been charged with running a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme worth at least $10 million, according to the Department of Justice. Mr Geary promoted himself to investors as an expert in trading Bitcoin derivatives, a claim authorities said was both fraudulent … Read more

Cryptocurrency trading in Latin America is growing 40% year-on-year with DailyCoin

Cryptocurrency trading in Latin America is growing at 40% per year This year, five Latin American countries stand out in Chinalysis’ 2022 Global Cryptocurrency Adoption Index. The increase in the use of digital assets has been dampened by high regional inflation, remittance benefits and the general search for higher returns. Stablecoins have experienced great adoption … Read more

What is the best way to start a cryptocurrency business? –

There is a whole new world of business waiting for you in the cryptocurrency space. Unless you’re completely familiar with the basics of the crypto space, jumping into the fold probably isn’t something you should do. On the other hand, many people trade in cryptocurrency because they find it very relaxing, and they also find … Read more

Cryptocurrency trading strategies during a correction – Cryptomod

Corrections are natural and occur in all markets, so it is important to have a solid investment strategy. Regardless of how bullish the long-term outlook is for a particular investment asset, especially a cryptocurrency, it is important to consider both scenarios, whether it is an upside or a downside. Unfortunately, many crypto traders do not … Read more

The Central Bank of Egypt has this message for its cryptocurrency traders.

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) has warned Egyptian citizens against dealing with encrypted virtual assets, cryptocurrencies, due to the risk. reported Independent of Egypt. The bank recently issued a press release stating that it has been monitoring the cryptocurrency trading phenomenon on regional and international platforms. The bank underlined several risks associated with cryptocurrency, … Read more

Moneta Digitec, the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in the Caribbean, is launching its new exchange

Moneta Digitec A.D. On July 12, 2022, Moneta Digitec, the largest trading platform in the Caribbean, will launch its new exchange. If you want to be truly successful in the digital property business, think about the practical use of that digital resource before you invest it. – Daniel Varzari Mumbai, India, July 12, 2022 / … Read more

How to deduct 1% TDS when trading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ether, and other tokens

1% TDS is deducted from any Indian resident who transmits their virtual digital assets (VDA). However, CBDT exempted some of the TDS. For example, TDS will not be reduced if it is considered. ₹50,000 for a certain person in the fiscal year – an individual or a Hindu undivided family (HUF) for those who have … Read more

Crypto Currency Explained What is a cryptocurrency and how to trade it?

Here is what you need to know about cryptocurrency and how to trade it Although the crypto industry has captured the imagination of many in the last two or three years, it is now almost ten years old. Despite its high variability, most people are attracted to it because of its promising quick returns. People … Read more

Senior cryptocurrency analyst predicts high inflation for Cardano, says Solana-based Altcoin ‘going down’ – Daily Holly

The widely known crypto trader is predicting further settlement activities with the smart contract platform Cardano (ADA) and one of the emerging altcoins this year. Anonymous cryptocurrency analyst Kapo said 307,500 Twitter followers of the ADA were ready for another leg before ending the Elliott Wave Theory. “ADA The fifth wave is gone. The main … Read more