Cryptocurrencies are no digital cure-all for Iran, Russia, other sanctioned countries

Cryptocurrencies are being looked at by Iran, Russia and other sanctioned countries as a way to escape punitive barriers to international trade — but “crypto’s” reliance on banking systems makes it a safe haven for illicit payments. Crypto enjoys an “anonymous” reputation and is seen as a panacea by Moscow and Tehran as they seek … Read more

Over six trillion cryptocurrencies were lost in six months

More than $ 1 trillion worth of digital currency has been lost since November, with traders halving the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to avoid risky investments. Wild swings are very common with crypto currencies, but even experienced investors were shaken. Investors are seeing the volatility in the financial market as interest rates rise … Read more

With 350+ cryptocurrencies on Poloniex, here are 3 features to bring to the show.

[This is a sponsored article with Poloniex.] Word of apostasy It is Polonix It is not a registered accredited market operator In the Digital Property Exchange category, Malaysia, the Securities Commission, therefore, they are not licensed to operate in Malaysia. This content is for informational purposes only, do not take this article as financial advice. … Read more

What are the best trading platforms for cryptocurrencies?

Selling cryptocurrencies It is less painful Digital platforms Appeared on the market. Crypto Business forums Do the same with online broker sites. They provide tools and instructions Buy or sell crypto assets Like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. Many platforms offer some benefits, but they also lack or charge some services. Best General Crypto Trading Platforms … Read more

Crypto warns the IMF that Bitcoin is over $ 41,000 worth of cryptocurrencies in emerging markets.

Yahoo Financial Jennifer Shunberger discusses the emergence of crypto trading risks in emerging markets and why cryptocurrencies are superior to cryptocurrencies. Video copy Akiko Fujita mourning Well, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has released a new report on the impact of crypto trading on the global economy. Yahoo Finance Jane Shunberger joins the latest on … Read more