Cryptoverse: Bitcoin investors take control

Jan 24 (Reuters) – Paranoid? The domino fall of FTX and other crypto custodians is enough to make even the most credulous investors grab Bitcoin and shove it under the mattress. Indeed, holders large and small are moving their funds from crypto exchanges and trading platforms to private digital wallets. In a sign of this … Read more

Securities Giant SBI acquires control over BITPoint, one of its crypto competitors.

Source: Adobe Adobe / mehaniq41 Japanese securities and bank giants SBI Holdings Another key M&A activity – and raises the need for control. BITpointIs one of the domestic rivals. SBI VC Business crypto trading platform. At Nikkei, BITPoint Operator, Loyalty Point Provider. Remyx pointHe said the crypto “partnership” would create “capital and business cooperation” with … Read more