The crypto crash left 12,100 coins in zombie trading limbo.

The oft-quoted number to put a number on this year’s crypto swoon is $2 trillion, which will evaporate in digital-asset market value in a downdraft. But here’s a number that captures the breadth of the crypto bear market: 12,100. That’s the number of crypto tokens that have effectively ceased trading this year—not technically dead, but … Read more

Stablecoins ‘Gold Coins’ have emerged as the first choice for Crypto Trading.

Gold coins, the new Stablecoins variant, have emerged as the first choice for crypto trading. A new vulnerability crypto market is showing a vast market paralyzed by war and inflation. Gold-backed coins are new variants of stablecoins commonly associated with the dollar to curb volatility. The largest, Pax Gold, or PAXG, jumped 7.4 percent in … Read more