The interactive broker now offers 24/7 access to crypto trading

Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: IBKR ) has expanded access to cryptocurrency trading for its customers. In particular, the discount broker has extended its trading hours. Prior to that, cryptocurrency traders at Interactive Brokers had their contracts expire every Friday, and these were rolled over to the following week. This is established to prevent gaps … Read more

Equalpros Review – The Perfect Broker for Beginners and Advanced Traders – Crypto Basics

– Advertisement – Having a reliable and qualified broker is key to success in online marketing. That’s why it’s important to trust your broker and avoid losing your hard-earned investment. In order for you to have a profitable relationship that works well, make sure that your needs match your broker’s profile. That’s why we took … Read more

Brazil’s leading financial broker XP to open cryptocurrency trading platform

Brazilian Investment Management Company – XP Inc. has partnered with Nasdak to launch a crypto business platform. The so-called XTAGE should go live by the end of June. Initially, it allows investors to buy and sell bitcoin and ether. XP is thinking about the next five, ten years XTAGE, a digital asset trading platform, has … Read more

Brazilian broker XP launches crypto business for 3.5M users

XP Inc (XP.O) is launching a crypto trading platform called ‘XTAGE’ as Brazil’s largest broker seeks to test its interest in trading bitcoin and other digital assets. The platform was developed in collaboration with Nasdaq and BitGo, and crypto features will be integrated into the XP app by the end of June. The new capability … Read more