Despite the bear market, it launched the Crypto1Capital Crypto Trading Platform – Benzinga

LONDON, May 14, 2022 (Globe News) – An online trading platform has become part of the online trading system under the name Crypto1Capital. The forum focuses on online marketing with the aim of serving investors and traders from all over the world. There is another important feature in the online trading industry where traders and … Read more

Crypto Trading Hamster, who defeated Warren Buffett, has returned and bought Dogecoin – Benzinga

Mr. Goxx – Crypto Trading Hamster – Returns Live Business Amazon Inc’s AMZN Video streaming service Twitch. what happend: Goxx’s Twitter account last week posted a Hamster picture of “Will we meet again?” He made a statement. Goodbye? – Mr. Goxx (@mrgoxx) May 6, 2022 Mr. Goxx, who is well-known for his professionalism … Read more

Crypto Trading? Here’s what you need to know for tax time – Benzinga

By Abigail Perry Crypto is still a relatively new investment opportunity, and there are still many unanswered questions about how it complies with our tax laws. Well, the bad news for crypto investors: it is taxable. Even though it is a digital asset, the IRS considers cryptocurrency ‘assets’. This means that they are treated in … Read more