DynaSets: The highly anticipated crypto trading tool officially launches

Rio de Janeiro–(Business Wire— SingularityDAO, a company that creates high-end trading tools for everyday people, has announced the official launch of its crypto trading tool ‘DynaSets’. The launch follows a highly successful beta period, which saw its Bitcoin and Ethereum products grow by 61% and 111% respectively in underlying asset holdings. DynaSets are dynamically managed … Read more

The most anticipated feature for traders is going live on the PrimeXBT Android app

Disclaimer: The text below is not a press release. Cryptonews.com Editing content. The Covest Copy trading module on PrimeXBT has become one of the most significant sensations of the cryptocurrency market. Senior strategy manager only in June Gained more than 300% profitBeat out crypto, stocks, energy products, currencies, and any other market globally. With performance … Read more