Analysis | FTX has benefited from the suspension of disbelief from venture capitalists.

Comment on this story Opinion The narrative that emerged in the days after the collapse of FTX, the $32.5 billion exchange at the center of Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto business empire, was that it was the result of an elaborate and sinister plan that only unfolded. A series of tragic events. After all, the smartest minds … Read more

Analysis | Crypto innovation needs traditional finance

Comment on this story Opinion Although there are innovations in the app economy to match supply and demand for physical services (think: Uber’s surge pricing), there is no peer for real-time balancing of volatility in financial markets. The world of “intraday” funding — that is, money borrowed during the day as opposed to overnight — … Read more

Analysis | The lights are off for Crypto’s Laser-Eyed Grifters.

Placeholder when paragraph actions are loaded There are not many silver coins in cryptocurrency. People lose money, often without capacity. But one welcome victim is one of the worst brand managers in financial history, the “influencers” of toxic media, the poisonous advertisers. The next step is to focus on consumer protection in the digital investment … Read more