Robinhood, TradeStation, SoFi: How 3 Online Brokers Compete with Crypto Trading.

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If you have not yet invested in cryptocurrencies but are curious about the location of the digital coin, welcome to the Crypto-Owl Club. Gemini, one of the largest cryptocurrency brokers, estimates that 63% of Americans are crypto-curious – more than four times the size of real crypto investors.

Various reasons may be set aside for investors, the inconvenience of the idea of ​​investing in a relatively new asset class, the warning of fraud, fraud or fraud and wild price movements in digital coins. For some people, there is a more practical hurdle: Log logistics still do not guarantee that jumping from crypto-owl to crypto is owner.

This is because cryptocurrencies are not yet available in many American institutions, including many workplace pension accounts or many online brokers. Charles Schwab and TD Amritradde are among the brokers who allow bitcoin clients to trade in the future, but they themselves have not yet agreed to trade cryptocurrencies.

“I’m shocked that so many are still not there,” said David Simmer, CEO of Wave Financial. Most of these companies are looking to adopt crypto trading – he said, noting that payments are “ridiculously higher” than stock trading, which helps brokers. But it could be several months, at least, before that, he says.

Robinhood, TradeStation and SoFi Invest may be among the relatively few options available to crypto investors who want to acquire a large asset pool. Here’s how to compare:

Robin Hood

Robinwood introduced a zero-commission commission on trades and injected needles into the entire stock trading industry – a policy that also applies to secret currencies. Investors in the United States can now trade in seven major currencies, including bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin and litecoin. The issue is that some cryptocurrencies, such as Coinbase, do not offer digital wallets or coins unless they are sold in US dollars.

In addition to cryptocurrencies, Robinwood supports the buying and selling of shares, ETFs and alternative contracts. Although trade is free, Robinwood earns money by moving to high-speed businesses – a practice that the company was investigating when it was preparing for its first public offering (IPO) in the summer. Robinwood has made a list of both the best online brokers and the best brokers for crypto trading at Banquet.

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TradeStation offers live currencies directly on the TredeStation Crypto Platform. Crypto trading is not commission free; Customers will have to pay 0.3% if their account balance is less than $ 100,000 – even if rates fall to 0.05%, investing more than $ 1 million. Only a handful of coins, including bitcoin, bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin, are available. Tradestation provides commission-free traders on some stocks, equity options and futures trading.

TredeStation Crypto does not offer a wallet, although you can import and export crypto. This broker offers unique features that Gemini does, and you can earn interest on crypto holdings. For investors looking for an extensive portfolio of assets, TradeStation also offers stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IFAs, options and futures, most of which come with Zero Trade Commissions. has named TradeStation the Best Trading Platform for Bitcoin, and has recognized Nerlet Wallet Trust Securities as the 2022 Best Online Broker for Research Storage and Research.


Although SoFi started as a Student Loan and Renewal Company, it has expanded in almost every area of ​​personal finance – although investing is still relatively new.

Of the three online brokers in this list, Sophie offers the most options for crypto investors with 30 cents, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin and cardano. Crypto trading is not commission free; Customers pay up to 1.25% on all crypto transactions. And like TradeStation, SoFi does not offer a wallet to actually use the coins. Consideration should be given to the fact that the bond company received a regulatory approval to become a national bank in mid-January – with confirmation that it “should not engage in any crypto-property activities or services”. The deal has not yet been finalized.

In addition to Cryptos, SoFi Invest offers a wide range of options, including zero-commission stock and ETF trading, IPO investing, robo-consultant options and retirement accounts, such as savings and checking, loans (student, home and personal) and credit cards. Sophie Invest has arrived at The Motley Fool Best List for both beginner stock exchanges and secret currencies.


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