Pluto launched an automated investment platform to truly democratize trading

The first of its kind automated platform offers live crypto trading aimed at retail investors

LOS ANGELES–( BUSINESS WIRE )–#Invest in Pluto–Pluto, a free trading platform app that provides simple tools for building automated, data-driven investment strategies, officially launched live crypto trading on Thursday. Pluto’s proprietary no-code interface is easy to use and maximizes performance, making it accessible to investors of all ability levels.

Pluto allows investors to build customized and automated trading strategies based on their investment preferences. Pluto instruments seek and exploit favorable market conditions while protecting investors’ portfolios from risk. In addition, Pluto offers users the ability to license their strategies to other members of the Pluto community, thereby giving retail investors the ability to monetize their knowledge.

Investors can now trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Dogecoin and many other popular cryptocurrencies. Joining the platform entitles users to participate in Pluto’s rewards programs, which include:

  • Community awards – An industry-first dividend program that allocates a portion of Pluto’s profits to the investor community.
  • Flashes – An initiative that rewards users for completing educational missions designed to help them understand and implement wealth creation systems used by professional traders and institutions.

“We wanted to design a platform that was accessible to people of all experience levels,” said Jacob Sainsbury, CEO of Pluto. At Pluto, we believe Wall Street MBAs and dorm room traders deserve access to the same investment tools.

Live trading on Pluto offers some of the lowest crypto trading fees in the industry, saving investors over 90% of fees compared to the largest exchanges and trading platforms on the market.

Currently, most of the crypto test strategies developed on Pluto reflect positive returns, confirming Pluto’s mission to empower every retail investor with healthy and productive investment habits and personalized, yet accessible trading tools.

Crypto trading is just the beginning of Pluto’s journey – in the coming months, the platform will add stock trading features and more, with the goal of eventually becoming a multi-asset trading hub.

About Pluto

Pluto is a free-to-use platform for building, deploying and monetizing automated trading strategies for digital asset and equity markets. In the year Launched in 2021 by Bridgewater Associates alum Jacob Sansbury and cybersecurity enthusiast Dakota McDaniel, Pluto is facilitating the next generation of quantitative retail investing. Pluto’s automated trading tools allow users to build no-code strategies to maximize their investment potential, while Pluto’s trading strategy marketplace allows users to license highly-proven trading strategies from other users. Pluto is backed by, Switch Ventures and Caffeinated Capital and is based out of Los Angeles.


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