Paxos Launches Financial Advisor for Brokers-Traders Crypto Trading – Financial Regulation News

Paxos, a blockchain infrastructure platform, a new service that allows financial consultants to trade in Paxos Crypto broker.

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This service allows brokers to provide financial management solutions to financial advisors to trade crypto on behalf of their clients. Helps consultants and their clients overcome obstacles to accessing the rapidly growing asset segment.

According to a recent survey, 94 percent of financial advisers receive crypto clients, but 15 percent of financial advisers categorize cryptocurrencies. Paxos Crypto Broker helps brokers engage with their clients on crypto ecological benefits, including taxation, allocation, settlement and commissioning functions.

It also offers many unique capabilities that set it apart from other crypto infrastructure providers. Enable brokers and financial advisors (FAs) registered for broker-dealers to trade or manage primary user assets, verify the identity of RA or FAs to meet compliance requirements, and be able to attach RA or FA to each transaction. To create a clear decision record for each transaction.

“Crypto is growing in all sectors, and we are proud to offer a new platform for financial consultants to access crypto clients,” said Walter Heser, head of strategic planning at Paxos. “As demand for crypto grows, it is important to know that technology will enhance the success of the company or industry in this area.

Interactive Brokers, one of the largest online trading brokers in the world, has already started accessing financial consultant crypto business to this key customer segment.

“We are pleased to offer cryptocurrency markets to financial consultants who want to integrate digital assets into their customers’ portfolios,” said Steve Sanders, vice president of marketing and product development at Interactive Brokers. “Enabling cryptopeptics with a wide range of assets at the Interaction Brokers Forum is an example of our continued focus on providing financial consultants with the products and tools they need to build effective businesses.”

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