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Because no one For the heavier parties, I spent a week reading Coinbase’s investment call after the revenue report. The US Crypto Exchange pulls out some questions from non-analysts during the chat, creating some more fun questions and answers. You can read it all here.

The reason I mentioned is that someone asked Coinbase if the company was “strategically important in acquiring or merging with Robinwood.” You may be shocked to learn that Coinbase is not completely clear about the idea.

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And yesterday, Coinbase rival FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried announced that it had bought 56,273,469 shares in Robinwood, representing 7.6% of the company’s stock.

Robinwood shares rose sharply in pre-market trading, up 24% the day after the news. why? Because investors are hoping to get FTX Robinhood a premium. If FTX buys Robinwood, investors can expect a much higher exit price than the stock price. So, when the FTX CEO went into stock, he recently made a purchase due to the high cost of withdrawal.

According to Per Bankman-Fried, Robinwood shares are “attractive investment”.

There is an interesting tension between Coinbase and FTX news that we need to resolve. It’s Friday, and we have to think a little bit. Let’s have fun!

If stocks go to crypto, will crypto equities go?

The joke at TechCrunch is that all Fintech companies are looking at the same thing, no matter where they start.

A good example of this is SoFi, which is known for its student loan repayment activities, now offering credit cards, loans, merchandise, checking accounts and more. SoFi offers a degree of crypto investment that may seem pretty cool from the start.

The fact that SoFi went extensively does not diss; Instead, it is important to remember that it is expensive to have users in the Fintech market. That high cost makes it a good idea for every user in your Fintech company to use as many products as possible after purchase. The logic here is simple CAC is CAC CAC, so if you want to maximize customer satisfaction, use extra LTV. (According to Venture: CAC means “customer acquisition cost” and LTV refers to customer lifetime cost.)

That is why we have seen why it is possible to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with PayPal, and so on.

However, when Coinbase made its revenue call, President and COO Emilie Choi responded to the question of buying Robin Hood: (TechCrunch emphasized)

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