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Fear, shock, despair – this is the worst time for crypto traders.

BTC prices fell below $ 20,000 in June, reaching an 11-month low. Most traders suffered from a lack of fluids, huge losses, and even suffering to escape the dark forest filled with this huge bear.

And other merchants?

You are making money.

According to the information provided BexplusOn June 18, 2022, more than 3,000 traders made profits in the market, the maximum ROI was 1142.89%, and the average ROI of the top 100 traders was 495.81%.

How do you make a profit in such a depressing market? To solve this mystery, we interviewed Bexplus profit-maker Benjamin.

Surprisingly, he has never studied finance and does not have much money; He is a regular trader everywhere. He lost money, was confused, and had no hope of making a profit. He is now a successful trader with a 577.08% ROI and will help thousands of followers make money in this bear market.

He wants to talk about the story.

Q: Hello, can you tell us something about yourself?

Answer: It is my honor to join the interview. I am a regular employee of 9 to 5. My personal life is no different …… until I started Crypto business last year. The protagonist’s life seems to be in the process of dramatically changing and becoming a billionaire ግን but the truth is I didn’t make much money even when Bitcoin prices were high, lol.

Q: How did you find the secret to making money then?

A: The secret to making money? No, no, I was about to lose. I experienced the collapse of the market, and to be honest I don’t want to talk about it …… Anyway, I lost everything I had made and saved. I told myself that next month my wife would be in trouble if she found out that I could not pay my mortgage.

Q: I’m sorry for that.

A: Thank you. It was really a dark time …… All I could do was look for ways to recover. There was a time when I read about an article Bexplus copy transaction. There are many experienced traders whose business history can be seen, and it is common to see traders with a three-digit ROI. This is like most people in the desert when they lose money in the bear market.

Q: And then, did you make a profit?

A: That is for sure. All I did was open a live account, carefully select the merchant, and my computer did the rest. I waited a few days, and then something amazing happened.

Interview from Lois Maker to 1st Trader with 577% ROI 2

More than 260% profit on one business! That saved my life. I’m really looking forward to saying nothing.

By the way, here is the trading story of the great trader I followed who managed to maintain a 119.22% P / L ratio 3W even during crypto crashes.

Interview from Lois Maker to 1st Trader with 577% ROI 3

I was losing money from the Bitcoin crash, and Bexplus It helped me find the best business months of my life. Even in a market where everyone loses money, I could easily follow the best strategies in the industry and then make a lot of money.

Q: It was great. What was your plan after you got the money?

A: After making a profit by copying the agreements of other traders, I decided to move on to the next trader. I wanted to make double money – money from crypto trading and followers. And it would be nice if I could use my experience to help other followers.

I have successfully passed the rigorous review Bexplus. Then I went on long or short and continued to study the strategies of other successful traders by tracking market activities and profitability. 100x benefit. My profit margin increased, and I finally reached the top of ROI 577.08%.

Interview from Lois Maker to Primary Trader with 577% ROI 4

Q: How does it feel to be ranked first at a profit?

The answer is more than I expected, and I liked it. Life is like a highway; He is quicker to ride with others than to be alone. If you can travel with other successful traders, you can easily succeed. It is best to choose a well-developed platform. Copy transaction As a function and a lot of experienced traders Bexplus.

Recommended Exchange – Bexplus

Interview from Lois Maker to Primary Trader with 577% ROI 5

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