CryptoHero Automated joins TradeStation to provide Crypto Trading access

CryptoHero joins TradeStation

“TradeStation, in partnership with CryptoHero, is another example of how TrustTation seeks to provide customers with ways to connect to the market based on their needs and preferences.”

Crypto Hero, a state-of-the-art automated crypto trading trading software, has joined TradeStation Crypto to provide automated bot trading features to trusted customers. Automated bot technology is provided by November Global Ventures, a company behind the highly successful cryptopero.

“Our easy-to-use CryptoHero platform allows users to access the world of automated trading,” said Christopher Lowe, CEO and founder of CryptoHero. “Often a trader misses market opportunities during the holidays. Automated bot fills in the gaps and takes advantage of such opportunities.

TradeStation Crypto offers online trading platform that allows brokers to trade, buy, sell and trade securities through their own brokers and traders. The company was recently named “# 1 Crypto Technology” in the 2021 online broker review. It is a subsidiary and self-cleaning online broker service for stocks, EFF, equity and index options, commodities and financial futures and futures options.

“TradeStation excels at providing customers with tools to improve their trading edge,” said TradeStation Crypto, Inc. Production Strategy Vice President James Putra. “Working with CryptoHero is another example of how TRTS wants to provide customers with a variety of communication methods. A market based on their needs and preferences.”

To speak with TredeStation Account Manager, learn more about the new offering, and call 954.652.7677 or 800.770.4049. You can also open an account by visiting

About Novum Global Ventures

Novm Global Ventures is headquartered in Singapore and has offices throughout Southeast Asia. It invests in new blockchain startups and is behind the most successful CryptoHero – crypto trading bot software. Cryptohero launched in early 2021 and has received rave reviews from users around the world. Its founder is an experienced fund manager who manages digital asset funds.

About TradeStation Group, Inc.

Transformation has outperformed Fintech in its decades-long journey of financial sustainability with the support of self-employed entrepreneurs and investors. TradeStation offers award-winning trading and analysis platforms and self-cleaning online brokerage services for stocks, EFAs, equities and index options, commodities and financial futures, futures options and secret currencies. These trading platforms are accessible via desktop, web and mobile as well as API technologies, allowing you to seamlessly access the TredeStation broker environment using third-party platforms. TredeStation offers as well as in-depth learning content designed to build trust among newcomers to invest and develop the skills of experienced traders.

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