Crypto Trading Rates Fall For Six Months, US GDP Sad + More News

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Investment News

  • In April 2022, the average daily crypto volume decreased by 16 percent to $ 244 million, a six-month decline, according to a digital asset data source. CryptoCompare. Since its peak in January 2021 (USD 1.51tn) the volume has decreased by 71% (USD 841m) and 84% since October 2021.
  • Cryptoasset Investment Firm Dragonfly capital The Dragonfly Fund III has announced the launch of a $ 650m Venture Fund, the largest so far.
  • Crypto Market Information Provider for Institutional Investors and Enterprises Kaiko Acquired KesitysSupplier of risk decision making tools for risk facilitation in crypto markets, for an unknown sum.
  • Decentralized Investment Banking Project Ondo Finance Venture Capital has announced a $ 20 million fundraiser Founders Fund. He added that Ondo plans to launch more products in the next few months.
  • Argent LabsThe project, which aims to become a cryptocurrency application, will provide ሚ 40m around financing. He paid a dollar. Fabric Venture And MetaplaneAccording to a Bloomberg report. The company wants to create a “simple service” to buy, store and trade more than 240 different Ethereum-based tokens.
  • Football app A football Citing sources familiar with the matter, Reuters reported. OneFootball plans to help the football industry release digital assets and fan-centric experiences based on blockchain technology.
  • Blockchain Project Our happy company He raised $ 7.5 million under the leadership of the race Infinity Ventures Crypto And Animoka Brands. The new funding will help continue to grow and develop the company’s social resilience tokens (NFT) platform. Our songThey added.
  • Former post-Google Eric Schmidt, CEO and Chairman, said he had invested a “small” amount of money in crypto, but he was very interested in Web 3, CNBC reported. If he starts today as a software engineer, he says he wants to work on AI algorithm or Web 3.

Economic News

  • US economy grew unexpectedly in the first quarter. US GDP fell 1.4% in the first quarter, with analysts earning 1% lower than expected. Consumer spending rose 2.7 percent, but that came in the middle of a 7.8 percent price increase, he added.

Adoption News

  • The redesigned digital wallet is huge from a fee PayPal More than 50% are loaded according to the user, and customers who use this wallet will send out more than 25% of the checks to users who do not use the app, said Daniel Schulman, CEO of the company. He added that the company should “double” on the digital wallet, because this is “the future of the industry” and “the future of Paypal”.
  • Reality LaboratoriesA division focused on metavers MetaSocial network giant parent company FacebookThis year’s Q1 is a loss of $ 2.9 billion. It is 62 percent higher than in 2021. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement: The goal for the future is to “create sufficient operating income growth. [a] Family of Apps to support investment growth in reality labs.
  • Middle East luxury real estate developer DAMAC Features The company announced that it has started accepting payments for bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH).
  • Non-profit based on blockchain Endaoment With a plan to raise $ 300,000, the Basic Needs Fund, which aims to provide housing, water and food to marginalized communities around the world, has launched a partnership. To this end, they are collaborating with the Sustainable Water Project. Charity: WaterNonprofit Feed the childrenAnd non-profit New story.

CBDCs News

  • Central Philippines Bank, Banco Central NG Philippine BSP announces plans to launch experimental project of the Central Bank of Digital Currency (CBDC). Named ‘Project CBCP’, the pilot will test the use of CBCs for value-added financial transactions on 24/7 by some financial institutions, he added.

Rule News

  • The Russian Ministry of Finance According to Izvezia, he supported a number of proposals from law enforcement agencies to finalize the cryptoassets regulation, which should be introduced in May. The bill explains the process of capturing digital assets, but mining regulation and tax payment still need to be improved.
  • U.S. Treasury Secretary Michael J. Hsu said stable coins “do not have common ground and cannot be mutually exclusive” and that setting these standards would ensure transparency and inclusion. They also added as government bodies. National Standards and Technology Institute And of Currency Control Office They are willing to participate in such efforts.

Mining News

  • Bitcoin Miner Argo Blockchain It has increased its 2022 hashtag direction to 5.5 acres (EH / s) per second, an increase of about 50% from the previous 3.7 EH / s directive, which is largely driven by high-tech mining. IntelNew chips. Mining at the Helios Institute in Texas, USA, is expected to begin in May 2022.
  • Bitcoin Miner CleanSpark And Durable Bitcoin Standard (SBS) CleanSpark, a company that promotes pure mining, has now announced that it is partnering with SBS. SBS added that as part of its partnership, the company will provide certification for Bitcoins CleanSpark.

Job News

  • Private Investment Enterprise Apollo Global Administration According to Bloomberg, Christine Moi has started a new digital asset strategy as a partner. Moi has previously spent 18 years in the financial giant JPMorgan Chase & Co.Most recently, he has been recognized as a global blockchain product leader LinkThey added.

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