Crypto Trading Network Appipini launches new smart order transfer feature on 25+ exchanges

APPFini, a crypto-asset trading network crossing network, has announced the launch of its new Smart Order Routing (SOR) today, enabling institutional merchants to automate and streamline transactions with Apifini 25+ for better value.

The SOR feature addresses critical crypto market segmentation by enhancing the ability of multi-exchange transactions in one API and account.

Institutional traders are accustomed to using smart rooting systems, and SOR is designed to automate and disassemble large orders, and seeks to identify the best value to minimize any downtime in network transactions.

Apifini’s goal is to encourage institutional adoption to address the challenges in the technology and equipment crypto industry, particularly market divisions. Over the past year, it has been reported that crypto markets are highly fragmented.

“The smart move to solve the fluid divide was the next logical step in the evolution of the Apipini platform. SOR has proven to be a key tool in stock trading and can prevent divisions by analyzing the market and placing orders at a single price. Despite the many major platform developments coming this year, SOR is a big step forward for institutional entrepreneurs and we look forward to offering it through Appi.
– Haohan Xu, CEO of Apifini

Connecting to more than 25 major crypto exchanges in the trading volume increases the stability of the Epiphany network and reduces disruptions in the market by providing faster access to optimized market share prices and faster access to crypto currency trading.

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