Crypto trader lost $ 6,50,000 in 2 seconds, explaining how it happened.

The hackers stole data from Dominic Lakovo’s iCloud backup. (Representative)

Crypto says he lost $ 6,50,000 (4.97 Rebels) after hackers hijacked his iCloud account. And it took two seconds.

Trader Dominic Lakovo has revealed the fraud on Twitter. It all started with a phone call he thought was from Apple.

Lakovo ignored him because he thought it might be a scam. But it turned out to be Apple’s number, so he decided to call back.

“It so happened that I got a call from Apple, I actually called Apple again (with my caller ID) because I suspected fraud and it was an apple number. So I believe them, ”Lakovo said on Twitter.

“They asked for a code sent to my phone and after 2 seconds the whole MetaMask was cleared,” he added.

The merchant had valuable cryptocurrencies and intangible tokens (NFTs) stored in the digital wallet application MetaMask.

Little did MetaMask know that it would automatically store the 12-digit “genealogy file” on the iPhone from iCloud. As soon as the fraudsters accessed his iCloud, they swiped it and emptied their Lacovo account.

The genealogy is important to get into the crypto wallet and should not be shared with anyone.

Lakovo asked for help from the online community and even offered a $ 100,000 reward to those who helped him get the money.

“Don’t tell us you never digitally stored our genealogy and then put it behind us. 90% of people know that if they knew it, none of them would have it on their app or iCloud. ” New York Post.

He also targeted MetaMask, asking users to “expose” the company.

MetaMask has not yet commented on the incident but has done so Tweet advice For users in anger. Twitter tweeted that iCloud Backup includes users’ encrypted MetaMask Vault and can be disabled by disabling iCloud backups.


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