Crypto Signals and Analytics Platform Dash 2 Trade Shoots Past $3,000,000 in First Week of Presale

London, England, Friday October 28 – During the first week of pre-sale, crypto signals and analysis platform Dash 2 Business It raised an astounding $3 million.

The project is currently in Phase 2 of the presale, in which 42.6 million tokens remain for sale out of the original 70 million.

It has raised $3.5 million in this pre-sale stage, with a total target of $40 million across all stages.

Each D2T token Currently, the price is at $0.050, but this will rise to $0.0513 in the 3rd stage of the presale.

When the pre-sale ends, early investors will get a 39% return

At the end of the last 9th stage of the pre-sale, the token will be worth $0.0662, which represents a reasonable return of 39% on the initial price. First stage of pre-sale.

Those who buy now at Tier 2 stand to get a 32% cashback by the end of the pre-sale period.

When the coin is listed on centralized exchanges, it can trade at a higher price than the last pre-sale price point, meaning more profit for early investors before full price discovery begins on the open market.

As tokens sell out quickly, investors should move quickly to lock in early bird prices

‘Bloomberg Terminal’ for crypto investors

There is no doubt that the excitement around the project is like ‘Bloomberg Terminal for crypto traders’ and it was built from the ground up by traders for traders.

The suite of tools ranges from an auto-marketing API to market sentiment analysis to social media analysis using natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

Dash 2 Trade also includes social trading and pro institutional level tools like backtesting in its strategy builder so traders can test their ideas on historical prices before implementing them in live markets.

Among the many different products already on the market, Dash 2 Trade tracks sales transactions and applies its own proprietary scoring system to each, helping traders get comprehensive and reliable information.

Real-time data feeds, indicators and trading signals complete the deal by providing actionable insights for profitable trading, thereby leveling the playing field between retail and professional traders.

Dash 2 Business unifies this functionality in an accessible yet powerful dashboard that has been in development for several months.

Pre-sellers get most of the token supply without any time limit

Of the total 1 billion D2T tokens, 700 million are available to investors in the presale. There is no grace period for pre-sale investors.

The remaining tokens are allocated as follows: 5% for liquidity, 5% for talent acquisition, 5% for the competition pool, and 15% for project growth and product development.

Investors of D2T futures must link their crypto wallet to buy And use either ETH USDT to buy the tokens.

Connect the same wallet to claim the tokens when the presale is over.

If you don’t have a funded crypto wallet, you can buy ETH directly with a card Dash 2 commercial space.

Mobile users benefit from using Trust Wallet and navigating to the pre-sale page through the built-in Trust Wallet browser.

As a platform access token, D2T has an excellent use case utility.

Powered by traders, quants and devs who have built a 70k community together

Dash 2 Business is the realization of ideas developed by the team. 2 Learn businessA community of 70,000 traders already exists and where members can profit from the signals they receive.

Learn 2 Trade and Dash 2 Trade remain separate trading entities.

The crypto trading space is worth hundreds of billions, but retail traders are still relatively underserved.

Dash 2 Business is changing by offering much more, shaking up the market that includes Cryptohopper with its 500,000 users.

For example, a proprietary pre-sale scoring system gives Dash2Trade users an edge in profiting from quality crypto projects that come to market to raise funds.

The Dash 2 business offering is superior to anything else on the market.

Dash 2 business registration details

There is a free tier to access Dash 2 Business, but for the full experience, users must pay a monthly subscription of 400 D2T for the beginner level and 1,000 D2T for the professional.

Dash 2 commercial smart contract code is complete. Audited by SolidProof, And that’s the team. Verified by Coinsniper.

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