Crypto News Summary: MasterCard Launches Bringing Dukan Crypto, Meta NFT Minting and Trading to Instagram

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Payment news

  • MasterCard StartPys has launched Crypto – a global engagement program that helps blockchain, crypto and digital asset startups scale. According to the announcement, seven startups are joining the startup track: Digital Treasure Center, Facet, Lot Bolt, Square, Stable, TBTM (Back the Mic) StudiosAnd up.

NFT news

  • Meta It says it is introducing a way for creators to make their own non-perishable tokens (NFTs) (or digital collectibles) and sell them to fans and collectors. Instagram. According to the announcement, users can support creators by buying their NFTs directly on Instagram. “We’re testing these new features with a small group of developers in the US first, and hope to expand to more countries soon,” he added. “Meta is expanding its display capabilities on Instagram to include and add support for video digital collections. Solana blockchain and Phantom bag”
  • Opera announced the start DegenKnows.ioThe new NFT analysis, tracking and navigation tool that helps users find, track and verify digital collections. According to the press release, Opera’s crypto browser has also been integrated Close to the protocol, ElrondAnd Phantom blockchains.

Legal news

  • Instagram influencer Jebara Aigbara, also known as ‘Jay Mazzini’, has pleaded guilty in federal court in the US to three counts of wire fraud, wire fraud and money laundering. According to the press release, the crimes involved a bitcoin (BTC) “advance payment scheme” that he used to defraud his followers.

Blockchain news

  • Bodya development engine for Web3 developers and investors Elrond network (ERD), is now available for use by blockchain users and startup founders. According to the press release, the project was developed by Titan woodOne of the most active staking service providers in the Elrond community and Istari visionElrond partner and full service provider of projects.

Adoption news

  • HivemapperA Solana (SOL), a decentralized global mapping network that creates and creates map overlays, today announced its network and secret wire. Drivers can now use its crypto-miner dashcam, Hivemapper DashcamAdvertised to contribute 4K street level footage and earn HONEY tokens.

Investment news

  • Standard Chartered He invested Parta blockchain-based payment network founded by JPMorgan, DBS Bankand the Singapore Government Investment Fund Pray. The investment amount was not disclosed. Standard Chartered will serve as the first Euro settlement bank for the Partier platform, according to a press release.
  • Digital asset platform Bakkt Holdings A definitive agreement has been signed Apex Crypto from Apex FinTech Solutions $200 million for the maximum purchase price. According to the announcement, Bakkt will initially pay $55 million in cash and up to $45 million in Bakk stock based on the achievement of Apex’s Q4 2022 financial targets. Up to $100 more can be paid in Back Stock and Seller’s Notes. In the year Achievement of financial goals by 2025.
  • Kathy Wood Arch Invest They bought shares in Jack Dorsey Block And Robin Hood this week. According to its latest trading filing, Arch bought 69,756 Block shares and 343,623 Robinhoon shares in two funds on Wednesday.

Mining news

  • Nest 8 mining In the year As of October 31st, he increased his bitcoin (BTC) holdings by 299, bringing his total auto-mining holdings to 8,687 BTC. In October, 100% of the self-mined BTC was held in custody, the report said.

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