Crypto Exchange Investors Launch NFT Trading Platform Adune

New York, New York / ACCESSWIRE / October 24, 2022 / Adune, a one-stop platform for NFT trading, will launch on October 24. According to the information released by Adune, the platform was founded by the main members of famous crypto exchanges and financial institutions, and the main group includes the early members of MEXC, Huobi and a well-known financial institution. Currently, the platform is supported by many crypto exchange investors and NFT communities.

Adune provides a one-stop suite of tools and liquidity solutions, satisfying the needs of creating, managing and trading NFT assets. Brand owners, companies and communities can issue NFTs using the tools provided by Adune. Moreover, selling and trading NFTs allows users to win token incentives.

“Although the crypto and NFT markets are weak, Adunu is confident in the NFT market, GameFi and Metaverse, and takes a long-term view on them. NFT will be the new driving force of the crypto industry and fintech, as well as stronger to connect with traditional markets. bridge,” said Lisa Chen, a spokeswoman for Adune’s operating company, Adune International Ltd.

“Make NFT more popular.” Lisa describes this as the vision of the Adune team. Unlike platforms such as Openea, Looksrare and Magic Eden, Adune uses an architecture that combines centralized and decentralized platforms, and separates the application and network layers, improving security and efficiency and reducing transaction costs.

“Based on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, etc., Adune will focus on the development of application layers such as transactions, launchpad, etc., hoping to bring a better experience and make it easier for crypto freshers,” Bob Lee added. One member of dozens of Adune developers.

“In addition to commodities and identity features, Adune explores financial and digital assets. In the field of NFT transaction engine, public chain basic technology, brand project and Metaverse, Adune has made more than two positions. It is looking forward to building more in this field by producing more experts.” Lisa said.

“Many post-mint mats have appeared in the NFT market, which affects investors’ interest and confidence in the market. Through Launchpad and other mechanisms, Adune plans to help users choose projects with investment potential and long-term quality. Development plans,” she said.

Funymen’s World NFT is a series of web3 characters by Adune. The Funimen are a group of people living in the deep desert of an alien planet. They are native, strong, independent and immovable. Under plagues, wars, and high inflation, people are like Funimen walking in the desert. Although there is a faint starlight to light the way to the future, Funimen contribute all their efforts to grow and survive.

Within a week of its official launch, Adune plans to stage a NFT collection called “Funymen’s World” in the form of mystery boxes as a Genesis NFT platform. Each Funymen NFT can be exchanged for certain Adune tokens, and holders can participate in subsequent staking mining and trading mining schemes.

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