Crypto business addicts pay $ 90k to treat “addiction” CryptoSlate

Medical centers around the world now consider crypto trading addictive, with some offering up to $ 90,000 to treat the “disease.” Bloomberg Reported.

According to the report, many people now consider cryptocurrency to be addictive and are seeking help, with some even comparing their addiction to gambling.

According to online therapist Dylan Care,

β€œIt’s very similar to being at a roulette table: it requires your attention. If you keep your eyes on the prize, you will lose many opportunities and be severely punished.

Stevie Rojas, one of such addicts, said that his business venture started with Bit Coin, but soon, because of the excitement associated with this business, he started trading dangerous alcohol.

This continued to have a profound effect on his personal life, but he eventually went to a testator in Manila and prayed about it.

Is Crypto Business Addictive?

Despite the concerns of people like Rojas, the idea that crypto trading is addictive is controversial. This is probably because the place is still relatively new and beyond that behavioral addictions such as gambling are gaining popularity.

However, there were some real concerns about crypto trading among experts and regulators. Retail sales and the proliferation of digital tokens have also contributed to this.

For example, the well-known retail forum Robinhud has been accused of investing in consumerism.

Medical Centers and Crypto Addiction

Despite disagreements over whether the crypto business is as addictive, mental health experts report an increasing number of people coming to them for crypto business treatment.

One of these places is the Paracelsus Revival Private Clinic in Switzerland, which costs $ 90,000 to treat Cleto’s business and other unusual addictions. According to Jan Gerber, head of the clinic, questions about cryptocurrencies between 2018 and 2021 have increased by 300%.

It is another medical center Craig Palace In Scotland. Since 2016, more than 100 people have been treated for crypto problems. Anthony Marini, a senior specialist therapist there, described the crypto curve as a “high satisfaction” business.

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