CoinFlip expands the crypto trading desk into 6 states

CoinFlip, a cryptocurrency investment services company, has expanded its desk desk services to Alabama, Alaska, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.

With this service, their customers can buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies in a press release from step-by-step instructions.

“From buying, selling or trading, we want every customer to be satisfied with their experience,” said Daniel Polotsky, founder and board member, CoinFlip at the time of its release. Now, by expanding our services to all 50 states, we are reaching out to more Americans than ever before.

At the Trade Desk, users can purchase cryptocurrency via wire or ACH transfer.

As we continue to build a comprehensive platform for the digital economy, it is important for us to bring our services to all states in the United States, said Ben Weiss, co-founder and co-founder of Coinflip. “Looking to the future, the main goal is to expand our resources so that we can better serve our communities.”


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