CoinEx CEO Explains Financial Cramps and Simplifies Crypto Trading

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CoinEx, a crypto exchange serving more than 3 million registered users in more than 200 countries and regions, has adopted a new product motto – Mac Crypto Trading Easy. We interviewed Mr. Hypo Young, co-founder and CEO of CoinEx, and discussed the future of CoinEx and the cryptocurrency industry.

Q: What are the issues behind CoinEx’s new motto – making cryptocurrency trading easier?

Today, the cryptocurrency market has reached a new level in terms of technology, market size and user base. At the top, the total market value of cryptocurrency is close to $ 3 trillion. Meanwhile, Bitcoin has become one of the 10 most valuable assets in the world, surpassing Facebook. Crypto currency is an integral part of global assets, and crypto technologies are also affecting industries and consumers.

At the same time, many are obsessed with crypto technologies. In their view, the market is reserved only for jacks and professional investors. Such misconceptions are not entirely unfounded – many trading platforms are actually designed for professionals. Introduce new functions and store all features and products without compromising user capabilities, much to the dismay of many newcomers.

Imagine this: An average user visits a crypto exchange to buy bitcoin. But with swamps such as shipping contracts and European options, he never knew how to buy Bitcoin. Are such forums really designed for the public? Users think they may want this or that but ignore the important fact that for most users completing the first crypto business is not that easy.

Decentralized cryptocurrency technology was created primarily to serve the public. All crypto users deserve respect – not only the expert but also retail investors should have access to the crypto industry. Dismissing beginners and retailers is contrary to the core mission of the crypto sector, which is to break the financial monopoly.

In this way, we work to eliminate users’ complaints about the crypto industry and break the financial chain. Crypto trading is a fair play and we want to convey the message that finance is by no means the right of some people. We will build a bridge that connects users to the cryptocurrency space. As an introduction to the crypto market, CoinEx helps users easily complete each crypto transaction.

Q: The CoinEx motto update includes strategic adjustments in branding, production and technology. Can you shed light on CoinEx’s future vision and strategic plans?

M CoinEx “facilitates cryptocurrency trading through product, token listing and user services.

First of all, when it comes to products, we control and never overdo tasks. Instead, CoinEx promises to provide adequate and satisfying functions. Unlike many exchanges that offer extremely low repetitive tasks, CoinEx monitors “simplicity.” This does not mean that there are few things you can do on CoinEx. On the contrary, we aim to turn complexity into simplicity by building products that meet real needs.

In addition, we see the importance of the token list. CoinMarketCap displays nearly 20,000 crypto assets worldwide. However, many come with great risks. As we can see today, most trading platforms suffer from inequality or waste. That is why our research team spends a lot of time scrutinizing the cryptos on the market. To a certain extent, CoinEx saves users from risk filtering, making it easier for users to invest in assets that reduce workload.

Last but not least, CoinEx emphasizes user service. Here at CoinEx we provide professional, efficient and thoughtful user services. When beginners are confused about crypto-related products, this is a frequent occurrence, you can always refer to our beginner’s guide, comprehensive help documentation and human resource support. CoinEx honors every ordinary user with primary services.

Q. Compared to the past, many professional investors such as VC firms, hedge funds and asset managers have joined the crypto market. Does this increase the crypto space investment limit? Do retail investors still have a chance in such a market?

M. Professional investors and retail investors are not in a hostile relationship. The influx of more investors into the industry will lead to market recognition and more liquidity in cryptocurrency. An established market attracts a variety of investors, but this does not mean that there are no opportunities for retail investors.

Here, we can compare the crypto market with conventional financial markets. In the traditional financial market, large investment banks are inherently central. A company must go through a complex process before it can be made public. Thus, stocks can only be issued by large corporations, while primary markets can only be issued to professional investors. Retail investors, on the other hand, are excluded from this process.

Such a centralized monopoly would be costly and would result in high restrictions. Basically, the supply chain provides funding to project teams and creates investment opportunities for investors. Meanwhile, middle players such as investment banks and VC companies are not improving capital efficiency. Blockchain and crypto technologies have introduced a new decentralized solution that allows retail investors to participate directly in primary markets through IDO and IEO, breaking the monopoly of professional investors.

Over the past few years, we have seen many new experiments in the crypto industry covering DeFi, meme and Play-to-Earn. Most of these new categories are not created by professional entrepreneurs, or are not designed for large institutions. The crypto sector is now accessible to all, which means that every investor has the opportunity to make a profit from cryptos.

Q. Over the past two years, CoinEx has always prioritized user experiences and user needs. How do you implement “easy” during constant product repetitions? In the future, what are your priorities for facilitating your business experience?

A: We have been focusing on strategies, interactions, and content-based development of CoinEx products. Consumers use a product to achieve their intended goals. Therefore, “simple” means we need to help users achieve these goals as soon as possible.

In terms of production processes, we hope users can achieve their goals with simple steps. For example, Swap, a new feature recently launched by CoinEx, helps users achieve one simple goal: switching one encryption to another. Unlike other accessories that require users to use complex keywords such as slider, market price and price limit, CoinEx Swap is supported by custom algorithms that only require users to enter the intended cryptos and the size of the accessory. , And everything is handled by CoinEx. Swap users enjoy fast conversions at a great price.

In addition to strategies, we value interactions that cover web interaction and visual instructions. Instead of compiling all functions and information into one page, CoinEx strives to find simple content that lets users know the function they want at first glance. We will also continue to improve our introductions and product descriptions in the content guidelines, enabling all users to get started with CoinEx immediately with simple and intuitive expressions.

During the interview, Hypo Young mentioned that improving user experiences is a never-ending process. According to him, product development requires continuous effort. CoinEx strongly urges crypto assets to be made available to the general public. It aims to “break the financial chain” by improving its products and to fight for “simplicity” in consumer-oriented design (UCD) or consumer-oriented development (UDD). Motivated by CoinEx’s efforts, we have good reason to believe that the crypto business will provide new opportunities for additional retail investors.

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