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Victoria, Seychelles, June 30, 2022, China

Beatles, a leading crypto derivatives exchange, has launched a 100% deposit match for new subscribers. The program rewards merchants who earn up to 10 BTC at a reasonable bonus. A total of 777 BTC was prepared in the pool and advertised.

For example, a user who deposits 1 BTC will receive a total of 2 BTC, while a trader who deposits a maximum of 10 BTC will receive 20 BTC. The offer offered by Bitwells Exchange is one of the most generous promotions in the industry.

Bitcoin’s high volatility has made it attractive to traders looking to profit from day-to-day changes. Adroit merchants who take advantage of these opportunities show an impressive ROI of 100% to 1.00%. The 100% deposit offer in Beatwell provides an opportunity for contractors to further strengthen their pillows and income.

How it works

When Bitcoin is traded for $ 20,000, a trader can use 1 BTC to open a long contract. If you choose to use 100x leverage, this will allow you to open a contract worth 100 BTC. If the price of Bitcoin increases to $ 25,000, the profit (25,000 – 20,000) * will be 100 / 25,000 = 20 BTC, which will be 2,000% ROI.

Although it is not possible to withdraw money, the deposit bonus can be used as a margin to open large spaces and make more profit. Any profit earned by the bonus can be deducted in full. To play on a large marginal safety net, merchants are less likely to lose their place when major price changes occur.

Beatles is a popular crypto derivatives platform that offers 100x leverage on futures contracts in BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS and XRP. Registered by the Seychelles and developed by business professionals, crypto veterans and financial professionals, Beatles is trusted by more than 300,000 merchants around the world. It promises that there will be no KYC, which only requires an email address to register, and merchants can access the most up-to-date services, including 24/7 customer support. The exchange serves traders in most countries, including the United States, Japan, Korea and Iran.

Beatles offers business simulations to help merchants become better acquainted with affordable marketing. There are up to 10 BTC in the demo account so that traders can practice as much as they want without taking any risk. You can also learn to analyze the market and use the built-in tool kit in the demo. Withdrawals from direct business accounts can be made 24/7, with funds being released within 10 minutes of business hours.

About the Beatles

Bitcoin is a digital currency financial trading platform that focuses on the Bitcoin market and offers the future of major digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and more. The company is registered in the UK and is jointly developed by internet experts, cryptocurrency traders and financial professionals.

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