Bitcoin is on the way to $ 45,000 or even $ 50,000 worth of visits, says Crypto Trading Expert

Bitcoin (BTC) returned to the green market on Wednesday, April 20, 2009 after trading for the past two days.

The emergence of a cryptocurrency, known as a major digital resource, could see Bitcoin fall below $ 38,000 and lower Bitcoin to $ 32,000 and further fall below the $ 30,000 mark.

With the current price of cryptocurrency hovering over $ 41,700, renowned cryptocurrency trading expert Ali Martinez predicts that BTC is on the verge of revisiting $ 45,000 and near $ 50,000 in the near future.

“BTC has published more than $ 40.8,000 a day and is on the verge of visiting $ 45,000 or even $ 50,000.”

Bitcoin chart. Source: Ali Martinez

Earlier, the trader said:

“When Bitcoin trades on the lower border of the parallel channel, the TD order signals on the daily chart. BTC must break $ 40.8,000 to rise to $ 45,000 or $ 50,000.

Bitcoin to get an interesting $ 42,000

Meanwhile, fellow analyst Michael van de Pop Bitcoin is now turning upside down and believes it will continue to rise for at least one to two weeks.

“The key to catching me is still around $ 40.5,000. If we set the standard and we find ourselves at $ 39,300, maybe they are looking for a short-term incentive, maybe $ 40,500, and we can lower ourselves to $ 37,000.

Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $ 41,622, 0.08% per day and 2.51% last week, according to CoinMarketCap data.

Bitcoin 1-day price chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

Bitcoin has a market capitalization of $ 791.5 billion, with a market capitalization of 41.1%.

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