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To be a successful trader or investor, it is important to understand how certain variables are related. For example, the price of Bitcoin is related to the number of new accounts opened on a popular exchange. Now is a great time to brush up on one’s trading patterns.

If you know this correlation exists and can see it clearly on a chart, it makes sense (at least in theory) to invest your money based on this information.

The key is knowing how to read. Charts And recognize these relationships.

These are the four most basic and commonly used technical analysis styles.

On the head and shoulders; This pattern predicts a reversal of the current trend or price movement in the opposite direction. As the name suggests, the head refers to a peak that is higher than the other peaks before it. The shoulders are two consecutive peaks that are lower in height than the ones before them. Finally, after the third top of this level (after which there should be a break), we return to the previous low levels, where we begin to form another head/shoulders bottom pair (or something similar).

cup and handle; This pattern predicts price action after an extended decline. It looks like half of a cup or bowl with a ridge line connecting two basins or valleys on either side. Over time, prices will see several dips along this uptrend line before finally consolidating above all else.

Double down. This pattern predicts a rise in prices after two consecutive periods of price declines in which the market has not made any new lows. You will notice that each dip has a lower bottom than the previous one until you finally break free from these restrictions!

Head and shoulders below; Opposite design of head and shoulders (lower rather than higher).

Head and shoulders above

The head and shoulders pattern is a reversal pattern found in all markets including the crypto market. It is formed by three consecutive peaks, the middle peak is higher than the previous one and the third peak is lower than the second one.

This pattern indicates that a change in price action is likely. So if you’re looking at this chart and thinking, “This could mean something,” then you’re right! A head-and-shoulders peak means prices are going down—and if they do, they’ll probably go back to their previous lows or even break through them.

cup and handle

A cup and handle pattern is a common reversal pattern that occurs in a downtrend. It is composed of two parts: a cup and then a handle.

A cup formation occurs when the price falls from the top of the trend, one side of an inverted U shape. During a downward movement, the place where the price goes down (the bottom of the C) and where it turns to continue rising (the left edge of the U) is called the “cup”. This area is often referred to as “price accumulation” because traders buy these coins at a discount from investors who are afraid of their losses or who don’t know how long they will last.

After this period comes what is known as the “handle”, which refers to the shape and what happens there. Prices stay flat for a while before turning around again. This phase can last from several weeks to years, depending on how strong or weak your particular trend is.

Double bottom

The double bottom pattern is a reversal pattern. It is built with two series of pools, followed by a higher pool. The second pool should be lower than the first, which indicates that the price will increase.

You can use candlesticks to identify this and other patterns in crypto trading. For example, suppose you notice two consecutive candles with long shadows pointing down at their ends, with red elements between them (red means bear). If so, you may have an example of a double bottom formation.

When looking at these patterns on the charts, make sure they contain multiple candles, not just two or three, as some traders may refer to individual candlesticks as “troughs” instead of full “pits” or “valleys”. About the double bottom.

When creating a two-bottom chart design, there are usually three things you need:

  • A significant low score; Many traders sold their positions during an extended downtrend
  • After reaching a low point, a change to an upward trend It can take anywhere from five minutes to several hours, depending on how fast the transition is over time.
  • High-High Relative Value Score: Again showing confidence among buyers, which is either slightly above previous lows or, even better, slightly below previous highs (it works with both).

Head and shoulders below

The bottom of the head and shoulders is a three-step reverse pattern. It occurs in a low trend and indicates that the market is about to change to a higher level. The pattern begins with two ends that taper off, separated by a pool. Then the third point after point A is higher than point B but lower than point C. At this point you should wait for confirmation before entering new long positions because it may not be a good head and shoulders pattern after all – but. In most cases, it will!

The selling pressure must subside before the market starts its next leg up. When the price falls below the level of both the highs A & B and then the point C is crossed (which will be the support). Again, before you buy into any cryptocurrency, you’ll want to look at breakdowns on these levels; If they fail to reach their goal many times, they are more likely to fail in their next attempts!

Knowing these patterns will allow you to spot and trade opportunities in your favorite cryptocurrencies.

It is important to emphasize that these are not guarantees of future performance. However, they are an essential part of any trader’s arsenal and should be well known by any serious crypto investor looking to cash in on this fledgling space.

Conclusion of basic patterns

Now you know the four most common trading strategies and how to identify them in your favorite cryptocurrencies. They can help you identify opportunities to trade based on your analysis.

We recommend keeping this information handy when analyzing charts and deciding where to invest or sell your coins!

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