Kimchi’s premium trading total may be twice as large as originally thought, according to a regulator

Source: AdobeStock/nungning20 Regulators say the amount of illegal kimchi premium trading by South Korean banks could be as high as $6.5 billion – and the country’s authorities say they are investigating “all” of the country’s commercial banks. As previously reported, banks have landed in hot water over the kimchi premium business after it was discovered … Read more

What’s Next for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and One Gaming Altcoin, According to Top Crypto Trader – The Daily Hoddle

Widely followed analyst Justin Bennett is weighing in on several top crypto assets as the markets end the week on a high. In the latest edition of the trader’s Cryptokadami newsletter, Bennett stated that $24,200 is a critical make-or-break level for Bitcoin (BTC). “Bitcoin has been struggling to close above the $24,200 I mentioned for … Read more

S Korea Arrests 3 in $3.4B Crypto Scheme

Prosecutors in South Korea have arrested three people in an investigation into a $3.4 billion foreign exchange transaction that may be linked to illegal cryptocurrency trading. As reported by Bloomberg News on Thursday (August 11), the trio were arrested on charges involving the establishment of paper companies and unregistered crypto trading. The Daegu District Attorney’s … Read more

The interactive broker now offers 24/7 access to crypto trading

Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: IBKR ) has expanded access to cryptocurrency trading for its customers. In particular, the discount broker has extended its trading hours. Prior to that, cryptocurrency traders at Interactive Brokers had their contracts expire every Friday, and these were rolled over to the following week. This is established to prevent gaps … Read more

Crypto gets a bright spot in a stormy summer: Congress

Comment on this story Opinion It’s been an ugly summer for the cryptocurrency industry everywhere, not just Capitol Hill. Despite a pile of bad news — layoffs at major companies, ongoing hacks, and the failure of several high-profile crypto projects that have devastated Main Street investors — the sector is at a premium in Congress. … Read more

The most anticipated feature for traders is going live on the PrimeXBT Android app

Disclaimer: The text below is not a press release. Editing content. The Covest Copy trading module on PrimeXBT has become one of the most significant sensations of the cryptocurrency market. Senior strategy manager only in June Gained more than 300% profitBeat out crypto, stocks, energy products, currencies, and any other market globally. With performance … Read more

Crypto starts cracking

It’s been a rough couple of months for some people who have had it easy for a long time. An increasing number of cryptocurrency operations may face some consequences for their illegal actions. On Monday, the Securities and Exchange Commission indicted 11 people behind ForSage, a $300 million Ponzi scheme masquerading as a smart contract … Read more

How blockchain technology is changing global business

Since ancient times, technological innovations have shaped the structure of business and commerce. The availability of electricity encouraged mass production and the advent of steam engines ushered in the era of mechanized production. From information to communication technology is used everywhere to make life easier. Because of this, blockchain technology is considered by many to … Read more

Crypto prices increase as traders return to the digital asset market

Crypto traders are showing signs of renewed confidence, with the digital asset’s market cap surging to $280 billion in July after a devastating sales and credit crisis scared many players out of the market. Investment products tracking crypto assets have dipped below $400mn since early July, marking the longest continuous weekly net gain since March, … Read more

Equalpros Review – The Perfect Broker for Beginners and Advanced Traders – Crypto Basics

– Advertisement – Having a reliable and qualified broker is key to success in online marketing. That’s why it’s important to trust your broker and avoid losing your hard-earned investment. In order for you to have a profitable relationship that works well, make sure that your needs match your broker’s profile. That’s why we took … Read more